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I offer the cheapest Bass fishing Guide service on Grand lake and Beaver Lake

You can choose from Half-day and Full-day

Price is per outing not per person

Max of 2 people

Half-Day $300

This is a 4 hour trip, we will go over the basics of livescope and offshore fishing with other tournament patterns relative to the time of the year and bass migration. Waters and ice included, Rods and tackle included (unless you opt to bring you own) 

Grand lake Bass Fishing

Full-Day $400

The full experience! 8 Hours of bass fishing fun, starting out with basic understanding of what the bass are doing at the current time of the guide trip, followed by tournament patterns and what selection of techniques and baits to use, Get dialed in on how to properly offshore fish with the help of Humminbird 360 and Garmin Livescope. This day is yours, so you can control the radio, drink any beverages of your choice (Alcohol allowed) , and say whatever is on your mind. Ice and waters included. 


How To Pay

I accept Cash, venmo, CashApp, check, or any other App method of payment. 

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